Sea - Terry Boyd Photography
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Dromana Pier, Victoria

At the end of a weekend of coastal photography, tired and a tad soggy, an uninspiring grey sea and sky greeted our little bunch at Dromana pier. I was reluctant to even take the camera out of the car, far less set up the tripod and I only hung around because I was with others who wanted to shoot. Well I guess patience (or stubbornness) might be a virtue after all, as the light went nuts, just as the sun hit the horizon. After a frantic flurry to set up (and prevent the tripod from sinking into the wet sand), this 4 min. 30 sec. exposure gave me precisely what I could never have hoped for half an hour earlier. That was it - one shot, pack it up and head home.

Dromana PierJettyVictoriaAustralialong exposuresunsetcolourmilky seacoastlinegolden